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The Final Top Earner Academy

Now, You Can Watch From Home!

You’re about to Discover How to Become a Top Earner in Network Marketing from 17 Top Earners Who’ve Already Done It Themselves!

Join Us at Top Earner Academy LIVE to Discover What’s
Working TODAY in 2015 to Generate Leads, Build Your Team,
and Climb the Ranks of Your Network Marketing Company

Best Part: These Strategies and Techniques Are Proven to Work
in ANY Network Marketing Company… GUARANTEED!

Take Your Rightful Place Among Our
Industry’s Next Superstars And Discover…

How To Become The Highest-Earning
& Most Respected Leader In Your Company

If you’re done struggling…

…and ready for everyone in your company to finally know your name…

…then you’re on the right page at the right time.

Because this is your time-sensitive invitation to join us for an intimate and exclusive 3-day workshop streaming to you LIVE from sunny, warm, Tampa, Florida…

You’ve Never Experienced An
Intimate Meeting-Of-The-Minds
Quite Like This…

Behind closed doors…

The world’s most action-oriented networkers are coming together once more to discover what Top Earners are doing in 2015 to generate massive business growth.

Future Top Earners Flew In From All
Four Corners Of The Globe…

Ebele and Chuma jumped on a 12 hour flight from Nigeria…

Slobodan from Serbia and Lee Mills from the UK flew a combined 20 hours so they wouldn’t miss a thing.

Some Australian networkers even happily endured a day-long 22 hour flight all the way from down under!

Distance was no obstacle…

They HAD To Experience Their Own
Top Earner Transformation

Since this is the ONE AND ONLY event in the world where you are taught the offline AND online strategies that ACTUALLY work for network marketers.

This is NOT an event for someone just dipping their toes into network marketing. This is for people who are “all in” and fully committed…

Ready, with the correct guidance, to take their income to the moon.

Yes… if networking is your best and only real option to change your life… and you need the no-holds-barred nuts ‘n’ bolts to becoming a Top Earner…

…this event was designed for YOU!

Your Hosts & Lead Trainers:

A message from
Ray Higdon
How My Top Earner Transformation Happened
& How You Can Experience Yours!


My story starts when I was in dire straits… Just inches from personal bankruptcy AND I was in personal foreclosure.

A good friend introduced me to network marketing.

It was my way out from a life that had turned into a nightmare… and I couldn’t wait to get started.

And I promptly failed with my first 11 (count ‘em!) companies.

Each Time I Failed, The Worse I Felt About Myself…

Although, deep down, under all the self-doubt, I had to believe I was destined for bigger things.

It’s tough. You feel like you’re trying so hard, doing what you’re told to do…

Yet you never quite break though into the big time.

But then, for me, something changed.

No… I didn’t sponsor a downline-building superstar… or fall into a new red-hot opportunity.

No outside factors changed whatsoever.

The change that took place… took place on the inside.

A Profound Change In My Mindset…
A Powerful Evolution In My Daily Actions…

That’s what gave me the same Top Earner transformation I’d like you to experience for yourself.

My own transformation put me on stage with Gary Vaynerchuk, Bill Walsh, Les Brown, Eric Worre, and many more household name speakers.

The little blog I started now averages a whopping 2 million or so hits a month.

I’ve won 11 paid vacations… even a BMW 7 Series worth over $100,000.

A product I launched did $850,000+ in sales…

And reached my goal of becoming the #1 income earner in my last network marketing company.

I met the woman of my dreams (who lucky for you, might also know more about prospecting via social media than anyone on earth…) and even whisked her to Fiji for our honeymoon!

I’m not telling you any of this to brag… just to give you complete confidence that I know what it’s like to journey from struggle to success.

That’s why Jessica and I are so pumped to meet you in Tampa… because we’re going to share everything you need to know to change your life too!

A message from
Jessica Higdon
Let Us Give You An Urgent In-Person Update
About What’s Working Now…

teal3-speaker-jessicahigdonIf you’re worried this might be one of those “motivational” events that are all fluff… and tired-old “You Can Do It!” sermons…

…let me put your mind at ease.

We’ll have LOTS of fun, we always do…

But this is a serious step-by-step training… a true Academy on how to make it to the highest earning peaks in this industry.

I should know…I created and launched a training program that did over $800,000 in sales! And this year, I plan to break down that launch for you…what worked…and how YOU can do the same in your business!

This isn’t a “sales guru” event where everyone skims the surface but never goes deep!

Bring a stash of notepads and pens… because this is as deep as it gets!

You see, now more than ever… we live in an evolving world…

What Worked Last Year…
Doesn’t Necessarily Work This Year…

As someone who used social media to build my personal networking business to Top Earner status… I have to adapt to constant changes, or my income will suffer.

That’s why Ray and I are so excited to give you an URGENT UPDATE about what you can do today to see your business grow tomorrow…

For 3 memorable days… we’ll pull out all the stops to take you to a whole new level in your business… and in your personal development.

Like Ray said… expect a complete Top Earner Transformation!

Before time runs out, take this chance to join us!

Live Seats Sold Out!

But you can still attend virtually via Livestream!

Jessica & Ray, thank you, this is just what I need,
I’m claiming my virtual seat right now!

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Peter Montoya
THE Guru of Personal Branding

Peter Montoya is THE guru of personal branding. He’s been interviewed by Wolf Blitzer, Dan Kennedy and many others and has been featured on CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News.

In 1997 Peter Montoya launched the only Advertising Agency specializing in Personal Branding. Since then, Peter has delivered over 2,000 presentations, developed more than 5,000 custom marketing plans, created over 10,000 marketing pieces, and authored the best-selling books The Personal Branding Phenomenon and The Brand Called You.

Tim Sales
World Renowned MLM Trainer & Coach

teal3-coaches-timsalesIn 1989, near the end of an 11-year tour with the US Navy Underwater Bomb Squad Team, Tim answered an ad in the Washington Post newspaper. Five years later his network marketing income rose to over $150,000 per month with over 56,000 people within his organization and over 2,400 new distributors per month entering from 20 countries.

Tim’s successful experience and knowledge make him one of the most sought after advisors, speakers, trainers and creators of content in the industry. He has been interviewed by Larry King on the difference between a pyramid scheme, Ponzi scheme and a legitimate MLM business.

In addition, he has delivered well over 10,000 presentations and training sessions to several hundred thousand people all over the world. Tim’s signature training approach involves his ability to teach mastery of each component within the business and he possesses a clever capacity to simplify the most complex issues in the network marketing learning process.

His most respected contributions to the Network Marketing Industry include “Professional Inviter,” “Professional Presenter,” and the Brilliant Compensation® presentation, which has educated over one million people around the globe about MLM.

Tim has taught a Network Marketing certificate course at the University of Illinois at Chicago with Dr. Charles King, a Harvard educated professor of marketing. The only course approved by a major University, this course has also been sponsored at various international locations including: Korea, Singapore, Australia, Columbia, United Arab Emirates and Norway.

In addition to Tim’s business expertise he finds time to develop new skills and talents. His hobbies include mountain climbing, rock climbing and underwater diving.

One of Tim’s greatest passions is human development and personal achievement. He believes in giving people truth about how to accomplish personal excellence and how it can affect their lives. He is a protector of mother earth and has a high interest in preserving her resources.

Tim is genuinely interested in the improvement and success of mankind. He enjoys spending his time understanding the way things and people work so that he can simplify the learning process for others.

Don’t Miss The Only Event On Earth, Solely
Dedicated To Helping Networkers Become
The Top Earner In Their Company…

Top Earner Academy Live! 3

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10-Day Access


We’ve hand-picked a select group of Top Earner trainers… ready to coach you up in the Top Earner actions that will take you to the very top.
Forget “theory” or untested “book knowledge”…

You’re only going to get the simple skinny on what works in the real world…

Meet Your Elite Brain-Trust
Of Top Earner Coaches…

Jerry Clark
Trainers Trainer

teal3-coaches-JerryClarkJerry “DRhino” Clark of has been referred to as the Trainers Trainer because, since 1987, he has Coached, Trained, Mentored, or closely worked with nearly all of the Top Network Marketing Trainers and Distributors in the MLM Industry. He has also produced some of the most powerful content that Networkers have the privilege of accessing, and hundreds of thousands of distributors in over 35 Countries have done so – and benefited as a result. Some of his bestsellers includes The Magic of Colors, Creating Magic, The Magic of Influence, Murphy’s Committee, High Achievement Network Marketing, and on and on.

Jerry’s approach to Educating, Equipping, and Empowering Networkers is based on his understanding that Change & Hence Breakthroughs — occurs at the individual level. Thus, the success strategies that he teaches all stem from that premise… Jerry’s Rise from the Inner City Ghettos to the Beaches of the World will provide you with a Fresh, Unique, and No Nonsense perspective of what it takes to make it Big today.


Vince Reed
Human “Lead Gen” Machine!

teal3-coaches-vincereedAs he says himself, Vince Reed stumbled onto the internet in 2007, “barely knowing how to even send an attachment on an email.”

After almost losing everything during the mortgage meltdown, Vince threw himself into learning the in’s-and-outs of lead generation.

He’s gone on to build 2 large networking companies… earning multiple six-figures per month… and has been full-time in the home business industry since 2008.

As founder of My Internet Traffic System, Vince is going to share innovative strategies that gift you targeted high-quality leads…

…and how to position yourself to make money whether a person joins your business or not…
PLUS… How YOU can generate TEN TARGETED leads BEFORE you even leave the event!

teal3-coaches-JusticeEaganJustice Eagan
Network Marketer & Trainer

4 years ago Justice was working as a waiter when he was introduced to network marketing. In desperate need of a change, he saw starting a home business as a vehicle for a better life. After making just $98 in his first 10 months Justice began learning how to market himself online. He has gone on to launch several of his own products and training programs which have done 100’s of thousands of dollars in sales.

teal3-coaches-richardMatharooRichard Matharoo
Professional Network & Online Marketer

Richard Matharoo went full time in network marketing just 5 months after getting started with no previous mlm experience and facing over $40,000 in debt! Over the last 3 years Richard has gone on to help many other home business owners become professionals in their network marketing business by sharing his passion and straight-forward no nonsense approach.

teal3-coaches-stevekrvidaSteve Krivda
Network Marketing Professional

Steve Krivda comes from years of a customer service related background, including a 10 year stent in the Martial Arts. Though an injury cut his Martial Arts career short, the yearning to impact and enrich others’ lives was still there. For several years Steve searched for that answer. That answer came in 2006 in Network Marketing. After years of struggling, he had had enough and in 2013 hit the industry head on. Since then, Steve has coached marketers all over the World, created his own products and webinar/training courses and has reached major rank advancements in his company. Steve is a blogger, social media recruiter, master relationship builder and a personal network marketing coach.

Step-by-Step Insights…
To Lift Your Income Into The Stratosphere…

Cesar L. Rodriguez
Objection Slayer!

teal3-coaches-cesarrodriguez13 years into his network marketing career… Cesar Rodriguez hasn’t met an objection he can’t crush.

Cesar hit the top level of his company… and earned his first million by age 29!

Today, he’s a one the most skilled prospectors, recruiters, and closers in the direct sales industry.

At Top Earner Academy LIVE, Cesar’s going to share his best Power Recruiting tactics for closing prospects immediatelywithout fear, anxiety or apprehension.

Plus… he’ll share his Cold Market Prospecting Blueprints… and all his tried ‘n’ tested secrets for obliterating objections.

If prospecting is still a struggle for you… then this session could be the highlight of an amazing few days.

teal3-coaches-tanyaalizaTanya Aliza
Home Business Entrepreneur

Tanya Aliza is former burnt out Finance Specialist who finally escaped the corporate world and now lives a life that most people dream of. Tanya got busy in the Networking Marketing Profession in 2009, took her Business online in 2010 and now wins almost every single recruiting or affiliate contest she enters. Tanya’s passion is teaching Network Marketers how to position themselves as an irresistible Authority that people can’t resist joining. Get ready to see how Tanya shows you how to have that unique positioning and how to build a Big Loyal Downline that Lasts.

David and Kate Ingram

David Ingram was working full time as a Director of Marketing while raising 3 kids, going to business school in the evenings, and volunteering as a Boyscout leader when he became a Beachbody Coach on the side. Within 19 months, he and his wife Kate built a 6-figure income and were able to retire David from his career.

He went on to become a 3X Elite, 15 Star Diamond, Top 10 Coach. He is the 11th person to achieve SuperStar Diamond status in North America, and only the 4th man to do it. Kate has built her business centers to combined 7 Star Diamond.

Their greatest accomplishment was bring David home to welcome their 4th child into the world. David is quoted as saying “There’s no better feeling than helping someone else improve their life, and we get to do this on a daily basis.”

teal3-coaches-TerryGremauxTerry Gremaux

Terry Gremaux is now a full-time Network Marketer & Social Media Business Coach.

Just last year was still working at a general store in Montana making
$36,000 a year and since has had $10,000 DAYS. He is a father of two and
just an all around monster in the industry.

teal3-guests-chriscarollChris Carroll

Chris Carroll is a MASTER at cold market prospecting and has been a full time networker for over 2 years.

teal3-guests-chriscarollMark Harbert

Mark Harbert has generated nearly 45,000 leads online, and created a multiple 6-Figure Income in the process. Before attaining the level of success he is now enjoying things were not always so good. Mark at one point didn’t even know how he was going to buy groceries for his family or pay the bills. Mark is a top affiliate marketer, top producer online and has taught and trained thousands how to do exactly what he does via his online training courses.

teal3-coaches-ednakeepEdna Keep

Edna and her husband Warren have grown their real estate portfolio to over 300 rental units with an estimated value of $30 million. All except the first two properties were bought with the help of OPM and she is going to be giving you some simple wealth tips to help you win the game in the long term.

teal3-coaches-JessicaNelsonJessica Nelson
College Graduate turned Server turned Million Dollar Earner

Jessica has earned over a million dollars with her company and sponsored over 20 lifetime diamonds.

Her team holds 3 spots in the top 200 out of 250,000+ reps in her company.

Here’s What Former Attendees Have Said.

“Play Big, Because it Doesn’t
Serve You Playing Small”

“Do Everything You Absolutely Have
to Do to Come to Top Earner Academy”

Discover The 5 Simple Steps To Becoming
Your Company’s Next Superstar Earner…


1) Top Earner Mindset:

2015 is the year of going full-steam after BIG SCARY GOALS!

To get personal for a minute, we’ve set ourselves some goals this year that are stretching us to the absolute limit…

But we know leaving our comfort zone is the only way to grow!

That’s why this can be THE EVENT that changes your entire life

Because we outright refuse to let you play small.

The only way to reach Top Earner status is to embrace big goals that make the hair on the back of your neck stand on end!

Of course, to make it up the mountain top, everyone needs a helping hand. We’ve personally invested more than six-figures in mentors over the years.

They help us “dial in” an unbreakable success mindset.

And at T.E.A.L… we’re going to give YOU that same mental edge.

The mental edge that separates a successful Top Earner from networkers who struggle to sponsor anyone.

It’s why you’ll leave this event unstoppable…

Fully capable and confident of claiming the overdue success you deserve.


2) Top Earner Lead Generation Skills:

Social media has opened up an entire world of new prospects to you.

But some of what worked like gangbusters last year… is falling flat this year!

So we’re going to clue you in to what’s working now to get fresh hot leads.

You’ll get the scoop on how to turn Facebook into a high-quality lead-gen machine…

And how to quickly and successfully widen out your fishing net into Twitter, Pinterest and other paid advertising platforms.

So you’ve always got an abundance of new leads.

And as the owner of one of the most visited blogs in the world, Ray is uniquely qualified to update on some of the newest changes in blogging.

He’ll share what to focus on for 2015… and what’s old news that doesn’t work anymore.

Any networking business lives and dies based on lead generation.

So our mission in these 3 days is to arm you with the step-by-step direction you need to get you all the leads you can handle!


3) Top Earner Prospecting & Recruiting Skills:

Do you want to learn prospecting, closing and recruiting from people who have recruited hundreds of people?

We teach you exactly how to recruit more of your warm market, connect and close more cold market and in every way possible that we have recruited others.

If you want to learn how to prospect and recruit offline AND online, our sections on prospecting and closing are going to blow you away.

These are critical skills that you must have and we are going to teach you word for word what to say and more importantly how to say them for MAXIMUM results.

You’ll be shocked at how 3 days with us will turn you into a recruiting machine!


4) Top Earner Team Building & Duplication:

We’ll share what we’ve done since last year’s event to train and inspire our team members to shift their businesses into high gear.

Specifically, how we’ve used special kinds of contests, mastermind events and “swag stores” to light a fire under people who need an extra push.


You will learn how to manage and motivate your team like a true Top Earner…

So you’re always a role model…

Looked up to as a positive and constructive business-building force who INSPIRES everyone you meet!


5) Top Earner Systems:

When you rely on systems to manage your time, money and business… small setbacks don’t bother you… life is more FUN…

…and you sleep like a baby!

We’ll share the precise systems that help us manage our business without stress or overwhelm.

This is critical for anyone looking to becoming a Top Earner who has children… or who is working a part-time or full-time job in addition to their networking business.

Please Be Warned:
This Event Is NOT
A Good Fit For Everyone!

If you’re a networker who is A-Okay to just pocket a supplementary income from your efforts… this is NOT for you.

Look out over our training room and all you see are no-nonsense high-achievers… who are either full-time already… or hungry to go full-time in no time!

A supplementary income is an admirable starting goal. However, people don’t attend this unique event just to put a few hundred extra bucks a month in their pocket.

This is the ONLY event dedicated exclusively to top-tier training on how to achieve Top Earner status.

Got the iron-will inside you to succeed?

Then no matter if you’re a veteran networker or a complete beginner… this event was created for you!

If you’re fine to sit at the back at the room at company events applauding other people for breaking new income barriers… this is NOT for you.

This is an event for leaders… and future leaders ONLY. Those ready right now to step up to new levels of income and recognition within their companies…

…and who proudly aspire to reach the absolute summit!

So if you’re done being in the back row, and you want to finally feel the rush of receiving your own standing ovations… take this chance to join us!

If you’re happy to rest your family’s financial future on the long odds that you will sponsor a superstar into your downline… this is NOT for you.

Top Earner Academy LIVE is for networkers who are that superstar!

Not someone who waits in vain for a knight on a white horse to ride in and build their fortune for them.

This is about getting you from wherever you are now… to Top Earner status in the shortest time possible.

There’s no time to sit around with fingers crossed, hoping to win the prospecting lotto… let’s be pro-active and increase your income now.

If you love to endlessly collect information… but rarely act on it… this is NOT for you.

Prepare for your mind to be blown by this 3-day extravaganza of “knowledge bombs” being dropped by the brightest, most plugged-in minds in networking today.

From the comfort of your own home… your mind will be calm and focused… your determination will be higher than ever… and it’ll be time to take massive action!

This event is ONLY for the person ready to turn the information we’ll share into EPIC transformation… not into notes buried in a junk drawer.

You must be ready to stop thinking about embracing action… and start actually taking these 5 simple steps… one after the next… until they bring you to the mountain top!

Yes… change can be challenging at first… but it’s the only way to enjoy the respect and rewards that come with Top Earner status.

Live Seats Sold Out!

But you can still attend virtually via Livestream!

Jessica & Ray, thank you, this is just what I need,
I’m claiming my virtual seat right now!

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Great Reviews from Past Attendees!

“It’s Worth Any Amount of Money”

“This Has Been Life Changing for Me”

Bring Your Ambition & Determination…
Leave As An Inspired Leader…
…Armed With The Complete
Top Earner Blueprint You Need To
Make All Your Dreams Come True…

You can wait for someone else to build your business… but it’s likely going to be a long wait.

And while you spin your wheels…

The go-getters will be setting the ultimate example to every new recruit they sponsor.

It’s hard to tell other people to go out and make things happen… when you’re not committed enough to secure yourself the top networking training available on the planet.

Imagine what it’s like to lead a team from a position of absolute, unquestioned strength and respect…

You effortlessly attract the right prospects to you…
You smoothly overcome objections that trip others up…
You are the leader everyone else is waiting for…

The leader your company needs

The guiding light…

The architect of a built-to-last business that’s the envy of everyone.

But fact is…

No-one’s Gonna Give You Top Earner Status…
You Have To Go Get It!

Live Seats Sold Out!

But you can still attend virtually via Livestream!

Jessica & Ray, thank you, this is just what I need,
I’m claiming my virtual seat right now!

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10-Day Access


Are You A Top Earner
Or A Top Excuse Maker?

Ultimately, that’s the choice each of us face…

Do we stay where we are… content to knowingly live below our potential…

…forced to explain to ourselves and those who rely on us, why we’ve decided to join the masses who “settle for less”…

Or do we look deep into ourselves… feel our inner-strength rising up inside us… and reach up for more…

Knowing we haven’t even scratched the surface of what’s truly possible.

If YOU choose to reject excuses and reach for more…

The time is now.

Join us on August 13-15th!

Let’s do this

Ray & Jessica Higdon


P.S. If you’re looking for another “rah rah” event where the motivational effects fade away the next day… this is not the event for you.

However, IF you want to leave with…

…your mind on fire with all the new Top Earner strategies we shared with you…

…hope exploding in your heart at everything that’s become possible for you and your family…

Because you just hung virtually “shoulder-to-shoulder” with an elite brain-trust of the sharpest networking minds on the planet… who gave you the exact practical steps you need to dominate your company’s leaderboard…

then don’t wait and let someone less deserving claim your spot…secure your virtual seat now!

Live Seats Sold Out!

But you can still attend virtually via Livestream!

Jessica & Ray, thank you, this is just what I need,
I’m claiming my virtual seat right now!

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10-Day Access


P.P.S. Last year was history in the making. Nothing like Top Earner Academy LIVE had ever been attempted before. The response knocked our socks off!

So many people wrote us last year, disappointed at being left out in the cold. Don’t let that happen to you.

Take this opportunity. Your Top Earner transformation is just a couple clicks away, waiting for you to step up and grab it.

Let’s share these very special 3 days together… we’d absolutely love to help YOU change your life!

Live Seats Sold Out!

But you can still attend virtually via Livestream!

Jessica & Ray, thank you, this is just what I need,
I’m claiming my virtual seat right now!

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10-Day Access


(NOTE: As undoubtedly special and transformative as this event is, it is demanding and intensely time-consuming to put on and host. Consequently, we may not hold it again next year. This could legitimately be your last chance to get the Top Earner training you need, so please, don’t get locked out. Claim your virtual seat right now…)